We Do Not Charge You The World To Save Our Earth.
About Us
Policy Statement
We believe that environmental management is “a way of life”! One’s conduct through life should be such that it least affects one’s surroundings.

We believe that Environmental Management is NOT the management of the environment as such, but rather the management of the interaction by human society having an impact on the environment which must be addressed urgently, as practically and realistically as possible.

The Founder

Capt. Rohinton Pesi Ranji has worked on board merchant ships from 1973 onwards, holding various ranks, culminating as a master in the last 15 years of his sailing career. While working in his last Company, MK Shipmanagement Co., Ltd. (a part of the Keymax Group), he was inducted into the Company office in Tokyo, Japan. The Company, at that time, was in the process of establishing an EMS compliance program under the purview of the United States Coast Guard, based upon ISO 14001/2004 standard. Capt. Ranji was largely instrumental in steering the Company in establishing, implementing, and completing the compliance program on time, including supervising / overseeing all final compliance audits.

After completion of the USCG probationary period, the Company proceeded in pursuing a program to establish ISO 14001/2004. Capt. Ranji completed his work in Japan at the end of the year 2010 and established a Company of his own in Mumbai, India in order to continue the environmental work on a much broader scale, to include all industries and benefit society as a whole.